NACE SP 0169 Control of external corrosion on underground or submerged metallic piping systems

NACE RP 0196 Galvanic anode cathodic protection of internal submerged surfaces of steel water storage Tanks

NACE TM 0572 Design, Installation, operation and maintenance of impressed current deep groundbeds

NACE TM 0497Measurement techniques related to criteria for cathodic protection on underground or submerged metallic piping systems

ISO 15589 Cathodic protection of pipeline transportation system.

NF EN 12473 General principles of cathodic protection in sea water

NF EN 12499 Internal cathodic protection of metallic structures

NF EN 12696 Cathodic protection of steel in concrete

NF EN 12954 Cathodic protection of buried or immersed metallic structures

NF EN 13509 Cathodic protection measurement techniques

NF EN 13636 Cathodic protection of buried metallic tanks and related piping

NF EN 14505 Cathodic protection of complex structures

NF EN 15112 External cathodic protection of well casings

NF EN 15257 Competence levels and certification of cathodic protection personnel

NF EN 50162 Protection against corrosion by stray current from direct current

XP CEN/TS Evaluation of AC corrosion likelihood of buried pipelines

EN ISO 10012 Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment

PCRA 001 Recommendation for measurements of interference on CP of buried pipelines

PCRA 004 Recommendations for the compatibility of grounding and CP

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