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Extract from the European standard NF EN 15257

Level of competence and certification of staff in cathodic protection

The standard NF EN 15257 defines four (04) levels of competence for agents working in the field of Cathodic Protection.

The application areas are :
- Buried or submerged metallic structures (land area)
- Metallic structures at sea
- Reinforced concrete structures
- The inner surfaces of metal capacities

The land area includes for example:
- Buried pipelines
- Portions of transport pipelines that cross rivers, lakes or narrow inlets
- Underground tanks
- Tanks bottoms
- Well casings

Qualifications of level 3 certified personnel, land area (non-exhaustive list):
- Perform all the functions of levels 1 and 2
- Advise level 1 and 2 staff
- Choose the measurement technique and control of the CP
- Translate the measurement and control standards and specifications into written technical instructions
- Set the measurement and control equipment and check the settings
- Classify and record the results of measurements and controls
- Interpret and evaluate results according to standards and specifications
- Perform the design of CP systems according to established procedures in a known environment
- Design all other CP systems but under the supervision and responsibility of a level 4
- Supervise and control the installation work of the CP systems
- Commission PC installations according to established procedures in a known environment
- Control interference
- Ensure the maintenance of cathodic protection systems

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